Part 10 Hiding the Faults of Others

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Part 10 Hiding the Faults of Others

Just like mankind has the ability to obey Allah, they also have the ability to disobey him. The successful person is he who accepts Islam wholeheartedly and lives his life according to the shariah. The unsuccessful person is he who rejects Islam or despite accepting Islam turns his life away from it.


Muslims are large in number yet do not have a standing. Enmity and jealousy has led to this downfall whereas Nabi (as) handed over the ummah which was full of love and brotherhood. All muslims are brothers regardless of the country they come from, the language they speak or their ethnic background.

If a muslim is happy it should be a cause of happiness for other muslims and when a muslims is sad it should make other muslims sad. Whilst living as brothers, at times we will witness unsuitable actions: at this juncture Islam has taught us to hide the action rather than publicise. This leads to a society based on love and brotherhood. We present a few ahadith below:

1) Narrated Abu Hurairah (ra):

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: "Whoever alleviates a burden among the burdens of the world for his brother, Allah alleviates a burden among the burdens of the Day of Judgement for him. And whoever covers (the faults) of a Muslim, Allah covers him in the world and in the Hereafter. And whoever makes things easy for one in dire state, Allah makes things easy for him in the world and the Hereafter. Allah is helping as long as the (His) Slave is helping his brother.

‎جامع الترمذی، باب ماجاء ان القرآن انزل علی سبعۃ احرف، حدیث 2869

2) Narrated Abu Saeed Khudri (ra) that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: A person who sees the fault of his muslim brother yet conceals it, Allah (swt) will grant him paradise in return of it.

‎مجمع الزوائد، باب الستر علی المسلمین، حدیث 10476

3) Narrated Dukhayn (ra): A person mentioned to Uqbah bin Amir (ra) that his neighbours drink wine, should he inform the police? Uqbah (ra) replied ofcourse not, Encourage them to stop. The person replied ‘I have done so on many occasions yet they persist in this evil so can I now inform the police?’ Uqbah (ra) answered: Don’t do this as I have heard the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) say ‘The person who hides the faults of others, Allah (swt) grant his such a reward as if he has saved a newborn girl from being buried alive’.

‎صحیح ابن حبان،، باب ذکر اعطاء اللہ من ستر عورۃ اخیہ المسلم، حدیث 517

4) Once Uqbah bin Amir (ra) went to visit Maslama ibn Mukhallad (ra). When he reached his door, the doorman would not let him in. Maslama (ra) heard the conversation from inside and ordered the doorman to let him in. On entering Uqbah bin Amir (ra) said I have not come just to visit you but I have some work with you. Can you remember that day when the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said whoever hides the fault of his brother, Allah (Swt) shall conceal his faults on Qiyamah. Maslama (ra) said yes I remember this incident. Uqbah (ra) then replied I came to receive confirmation of this incident from you.

‎مجمع الزوائد و منبع الفوائد، باب الراحلۃ فی طلب العلم، حدیث 562

From the above ahadith we learn that we need to mould our nature to conceal the faults of people if we become aware of them rather than exposing people’s faults at every opportunity.

5) Narrated Ibn Abbas (ra) that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: A person who conceals the faults of others, Allah (swt) shall conceal his faults on Qiyamah and the one who exposes the faults of others, Allah (swt) shall disgrace him whilst he is sitting at home.

Let’s take our actions into consideration. Are we doing those actions which guarantee our faults being hidden on Qiyamah or are we involved in those which will result in us being disgraced in our own homes? May Allah (swt) enable us to bring Islam along with it’s moral code into our lives.


Muhhamad Ilyas Ghumman

Sarghoda, Pakistan

Thursday 6th April

Translated by: Mawlana Yousuf Baig