Part 1 A’amaal of Jumuah

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Part 1 A’amaal of Jumuah

Alhamdulillah our jamaat: Aalami Ittihaad Ahlus Sunnat Wal Jamaat makes effort on A’amaal just like it makes an effort on Aqaaid. One of the primary reasons of Nabi (as)’s prophet hood was the purification of the soul. Tomorrow is Friday which is a blessed day. Allah (swt) revealed an entire surah with its name (Surah Jumuah).

A lot of virtue has been mentioned for this day in the Quran and Sunnah. Alongside the Sunnah A’amaal we should be particular of the following:

1) To have a bath for the Friday prayer

2) Cut the nails

3) Oil the hair and beard

4) Wear clean clothes

5) Apply perfume

6) Close your business at the time of the first azaan

7) Reach the Jamia Masjid as early as possible

8) Listen to the speech with the intention of practice

9) Listen to the khutbah silently

10) Seek Allah’s fazl ie sustenance after the Friday prayer

11) Make dua for the Islamic world especially when duas are most accepted

Note: Scholars in light of Ahadith have mentioned two durations which are considered to be times where dua is accepted

A) When the imaam sits on the mimbar between the two khutbahs, Dua is to be made silently in the heart

B) Just before Maghrib

12) Recite surah kahf

13) Read this durood 80 times after Asr:

اللھم صل علی محمد النبی الامی وعلی آلہ وسلم تسلیما

Note: If you are an imam, make an effort to read in fajr salaah on fridays:

Alif laam Meem Sajdah in the first rakaat and Surah Ad Dahr in the second

If you are leading Jumuah:

A) Surah A’ala in the first and Surah Ghashiyah in the second

B) Surah Jumuah in the first and Surah Munafiqoon in the second


Muhhamad Ilyas Ghumman

Madina Munawarah

Thursday 19th January 2017

Translated by Mawlana Yousaf Baig