Part 8 Forgiving others and overlooking their faults

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Part 8 Forgiving others and overlooking their faults.

From the qualities of Allah (swt), is the quality of ‘afw’. This means to not only forgive the sinner but to overlook his faults too, to treat the person with kindness despite their mistakes. This was also the quality of all the prophets (as) including our Messenger (as), who was a clear example of ‘afw’.


Hence you will find from the books of seerah, Nabi (as) bore all the hardships that came to him. All those who troubled, caused pain, injured his Mubarak body with arrows, slandered him by calling him insane/sorcerer, compelled him to migrate from his home town, martyred the sahaba, tried to poison him: All of them were not just forgiven but they were embraced. It was this character that softened the hearts of those who wanted to expel Islam from their lands.

Allah (swt) and his Messenger (as) emphasised forgiving people and overlooking their faults to create a harmonious society. The Qur’an has repeatedly mentioned the virtue of ‘afw’ and its importance in society. Becoming angry is natural however it leads to fighting and destruction, so shariat has prescribed ‘afw’ to keep the peace in society.

A point to keep in mind the instruction of ‘afw’ applies to issues pertaining to individuals, there should be no ‘afw’ when it comes to upholding the law of the land otherwise crime will increase dramatically. Nabi (as) in the ahadith also encouraged overlooking people’s faults:

1) Abu Hurayrah (ra) narrates the Messenger of Allah (as) said: “Allah increased the respect of a person who forgives”

Sahih Muslim

2) Abdullah ibn Amr bin Aas (ra) the Messenger of Allah (as) said “Have mercy on people, Allah shall have mercy on you. Forgive people Allah shall forgive you”.

Musnad Ahmed

3) Ubay bin Kab (ra) narrates the Messenger of Allah (as) said: “Whoever wishes that a house is built for him in paradise and his status is elevated then he should forgive the one who wrongs him, give to the one who deprives him and keep ties with the one who breaks ties with him”

Mustadrak Al Hakim

4) Abu Hurayrah (ra) narrates the Messenger of Allah (as) said: “Three qualities if found in a person- he shall face an easy reckoning on Qiyamah and Allah shall enter him into paradise due to his mercy. The sahaba (ra) asked what are those three qualities O messenger of Allah (as)? Nabi (as) replied give to the one who deprives you, keep ties with the one who breaks ties with you and forgive the one who wrongs you- if you do this you shall enter Paradise”

Musnad Bazzar

5) Anas bin Malik (ra) narrates we were sat in a gathering when Nabi (as) blessed us with his presence, we saw Nabi (as) smiling so Umar (ra) asked ‘O messenger of Allah (as) what makes you smile’? Nabi (as) replied “Two people brought their issues in front of Allah (swt). One of them said O Allah give me some of his good deeds due to the wrong he did to me, Allah (swt) said How can I give you his good deeds (in exchange of his wrongdoing) when his good deeds have finished?

He answered ‘Give him my sins’ on saying this Nabi (as) started to cry and said ‘Indeed that day will be a great day where people will wish that their sins are placed on others’. Nabi (as) further said ‘Allah said to the one demanding good deeds: Look up. He looked up and said ‘O my lord I am seeing a city of gold and gold palaces which have pearls embedded in them, which prophet does this belong to? Or which Siddiq/Martyr? Allah (swt) said “It is for the one who pays its price”. What is the price asked the man. Allah (swt) replied ‘You can also become its owner’ He replied ‘How’? Allah replied ‘Forgive your brother and you will become its owner’ O Allah I have forgiven him he answered. Allah (swt) said take your brothers hand and go in to Paradise with him. Nabi (as) mentioned this under the tafseer of a Quranic verse

Mustadrak Al Hakim

Hunger for revenge has ignited fires in all corners of our society. From all sides we can hear bricks being thrown in retaliation of stones. Everyone is trying to outdo the bad done unto him. It is unfortunate that today our hearts are empty of softness, love and forgiveness. This is the very reason hatred and disunity has becomes the means of Muslims losing their respect and standing. Let’s make a resolution that we will all live a life which is liked by Allah and his Messenger and make an effort to build a harmonious society. Become forgiving people so that Allah may forgive our sins on Qiyamah.

Note: Make a habit of reading اللهم انك عفو تحب العفو فاعف عنا . O Allah you are forgiving and love to forgive so forgive us (All). Ameen


Mawlana Muhhmad Ilyas Ghumman (HA)


Thursday 23rd March 201

Translated by Mawlana Yousaf Baig